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This Just In

So I just got this email…

“Dear Mr. Adam Toepfer,

Thank you for the opportunity to review your application for the position with ******************

While we were impressed with your background and experience, we have concluded that another candidate’s qualifications more closely match our requirements. We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment with our organization at this time.

You have our best wishes for success in locating the career opportunity you strive towards.

We will retain your resume in our files to review for future openings for up to six months. In the event of an appropriate available position, we will not hesitate to contact you.

We appreciate your interest and the time you have invested in providing your information to ***********”

At least this one was a little more descriptive as to why I didn’t get the job.  Another person was “better suited” for the position or positions that were available. While this is disheartening.  I’ve not given up hope.  I’m going to do another round of applying and if nothing comes from it then soon I’ll be on that plane to Japan applying in person.  Which I know then I could do one better for myself.  As opposed to just over the internet with hopes and dreams.

I’m going to finish this week.  Move back home. And then hit it hard starting in the new year.  Not exactly how I was planning to start the new year.  But it is what it is.  And so the adventure truly begins on January 1st 2012.


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Screening Process

Interview over.

Anxiety should now be subsiding.  However it isn’t and heres why.  You see it turns out that this was a “screening process”.  So what that means is all the other applicants and I.  (they always try to make it sound like there are thousands) are going to be looked over.  And scrutinized.   Now that one of the hiring personel has had a chance to chat with me, he will go back and talk with the others about what he has learned.  The good, the bad,  the ugly.

He asked about how I heard of the company.  He asked about my certification.  And he asked what I knew about what ALTs are and what their duties are. I feel that I adequately answered these questions.

Then he asked if I had any questions.  I asked a couple of questions not many.  So the total time for the interview was about 30 minutes.  All in all it felt good.  I feel the best about this so far.  Much better then I did finishing up my teaching lesson for AEON sheesh.

I’ve kept a positive attitude about this one the whole time.  And so I’m not going to change it now.  I still feel positively about it.  If I heard him correctly at the end of the week I’ll get an email.  And that email should have more information in it.  The way he made is sound it will have enough information in it to give me a more solid answer.  Although even when discussing that he still seemed pretty vague.  So we’ll see just how solid it is when the time comes.  I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for reading.

I’ve been on a hip hop binge lately some really good stuff out there if you know where to look and you have an open mind.  So I’ll leave you with this.

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First Vloggity

Well here goes nothing.  Its my day off today and I’ve finally sat down and made my first Vlog.  I’ve said I was gonna do and finally did.  I played around with iMovie a bit.  Its not that its a particularly difficult program to use, but it is going to take a bit of getting used to.  Anyway I suppose I should have named the video uh…uh..ummm…..seems that I did alot of that.  But since this was my first try I suppose it didn’t come out half bad.

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Interview scheduled

I got the email today to lock in the date to schedule the interview.  They want to do it on the 21st at 11:00AM which is perfect.  So I’ll be able to either take that day off of work OR it gives me an hour to get home from work and get dressed.

Either way I think I’ll have it covered.  I’ve pretty much got my room cleaned out now.  I didn’t realize that I never really unpacked most of my stuff.  My room here was so small that alot of the stuff that I brought here just stayed in the containers that it was brought in.  So now I suppose after my cousins wedding I’ll send some of it along the way home.

I’m pretty excited now for this interview.  I know I’ll do well.  I’m hearing that there are alot of applications though.  Its time to find a way to shine through the rest. Hopefully soon I’ll be closing this chapter and opening the next.

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moving time…

So it has been decided that the 31st I’m out.  Now the landlord has called my roommate, and he has informed me that we are due out on the 31st.  I have informed my boss that my last day has been moved up to the 3oth.

It is a bit disappointing that I won’t be able to work the extra 2 weeks and make a little extra money, but everything happens for a reason.  So in the end I would have worked two weeks and one of them would have payed for rent and the other would have been lagniappe probably spent on groceries or something in the end anyway.  Who knows perhaps now everything will work out sooner.  I’m packing everything this weekend to be ready and to start getting it set to go back to Eunice.  Once again I find my self back where it all started.

They say life is cyclical.  So hopefully I’m soon closing one circle and starting another.

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interview time…

So one of the companies from my mass application spree this past Sunday has been in correspondence with me. I’ve had an essay I’ve written and an assessment test I turned in this morning. Earlier this evening I received an email stating that they want to do a Skype interview.

I’ve never done a Skype interview before. Does it involve video? To be honest I think I’d rather that it did because when it comes to interviews I like to see the person I’m talking to.

So now to prepare for the worst I’m “organizing” my room and preparing for such an event that I will video chat with my perspective employer. Also I’ll wear a suit and tie. I’m actually a bit nervous about the whole thing. Since I really want this. Of all the jobs I applied to I want this one the most as it is actually offering what I originally wanted to move to Japan for, an ALT position. Which means working in the public school system as opposed to a private school.

And the location seems nice too. All in all this one seemed to offer most of the things I want out of life right now.

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Interesting weekends conclusion…

So today I’m taking advantage of my day off.  I’m applying to many jobs.  Washing clothes and just trying to unwind from an eventful end of a strange week.

So first things first, since the day is almost over I’ll try to apply to one or two more jobs.  But so far I’ve applied to a job in Fukuoka, Gifu and Okayama Prefectures.  All places I definitly wouldn’t mind living.  I also applied for a job in Nagoya.  One city I think I want to visit the most.  If I end up living there that’s fine as well, but if not I definitely need to visit.

Thursday was also a day off for me.  I got my package shipped to my friend in Japan.  And took care of some other person business.  I invited a friend over and he tried sake bombs for the first time.  I don’t drink very often its not a habit of mine.  But every now and then everyone needs to unwind I suppose.  And so I found out that a place in town had my favorite Japanese beer Asahi.  So my friend Travin and I had sake bombs.  Originally it was just going to be him, my coworker and I chilling at the house and listening to some music and relaxing.  I think eventually we had 8 people in the living room chilling on the new used couch I got.  All of us splitting a 6-Pack and poor little bottle of sake.

Everyone was gone before Midnight because I had work at 9AM.    BUT at 4AM my roommate returned from his trip to Turkey.  He felt it was necessary to stomp around and turn every light on in the house.  And use an air pump to air up his air mattress.  ALL AT 4AM.  So I angrily closed my door to shut out the light and went back to sleep.  But at about 6AM I couldn’t sleep anymore and told him how disappointed I was in his obnoxiousness general uncleanliness he left in the kitchen when he had left to go to Turkey a month prior.  He explained he was in a hurry when he left and apologized.  And asked if I heard the police earlier.  I said no because I was sleeping.  Apparently his noise had awoken other neighbors in our small apartment complex and they had called the police.

Well at 9:30AM while I was at work I got a phone call from the land lord.  She said that the police had come to the house.  I said I didn’t know about it at the time because I was sleeping but I had been woken up by my roommate and his noise.  So I could possibly understand why they were called.  But she said this is not the first time she has had a problem with him but this will probably be the last.  She will not renew his lease at the end of December.

SO I said all that to say this.  Remember how I said I was planning now to work the first couple of weeks of January instead of working only until the end of December.  Well he might have just ruined everything.

Wanna know the best part.  He found out yesterday the lease wasn’t getting renewed and doesn’t know that I know.  And still hasn’t bothered to tell me….


I found this picture online and suddenly and thought it oddly appropriate.

I understand how he feels now...

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