interview time…

So one of the companies from my mass application spree this past Sunday has been in correspondence with me. I’ve had an essay I’ve written and an assessment test I turned in this morning. Earlier this evening I received an email stating that they want to do a Skype interview.

I’ve never done a Skype interview before. Does it involve video? To be honest I think I’d rather that it did because when it comes to interviews I like to see the person I’m talking to.

So now to prepare for the worst I’m “organizing” my room and preparing for such an event that I will video chat with my perspective employer. Also I’ll wear a suit and tie. I’m actually a bit nervous about the whole thing. Since I really want this. Of all the jobs I applied to I want this one the most as it is actually offering what I originally wanted to move to Japan for, an ALT position. Which means working in the public school system as opposed to a private school.

And the location seems nice too. All in all this one seemed to offer most of the things I want out of life right now.

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