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I just got out of the shower.  But thats not why I’m feeling refreshed.  I had to take a shower after my bike ride.  But I feel so good I wanted to talk about it.

I’ll set the stage.  Some people feel really good when they work out at the gym.  It’s never been that way for me.  I only go begrudgingly.  But riding a bike always makes me feel good.  It seems I had forgotten that.  These days I had been trying to ride my racing bike on the rollers.  Trying to get everything dialed in and I was just getting increasingly frustrated.  I’ve been getting really disappointed with my bike and my ability to ride over these last few months.  But only taking out my city bike, which is also a track bike a few times.

Fast forward to July.  I’m working 10-12 hours a day, so I’m pretty tired at the end of the day.  I had the racing bike here and was trying to ride it in the evenings on the rollers in the hotel room, but I was discouraged, so more often than not I was just looking at it.  Today I brought my city bike back with me, and before taking my shower rode 11.7km to the lake and back.  It’s been cool these days in the evenings so its a perfect time to ride.  In the middle of the ride it felt like a mistake, my legs were hurting I was getting tired, but when I saw the magnificent sunset on the lake, WOW….

As I was riding home, I felt refreshed.  I realized what I had been missing since I left Japan.  When I was there I was riding like this every day 10+km.  And when I was in my hometown here it was a terrible place to ride.  So it added to my discouragement.  But this ride has turned my whole outlook around.  I’m going to try to go back to riding every day.  I feel like a new man with a new outlook on life.  So I understand what those people who enjoy the gym get out of it every day.  I remember how I felt riding the country roads in Nara…refreshment for the soul.

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Good evening ladies and gents.  I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet…at least thats the plan.  I’m falling behind on my whole monthly thing.  But I wanted to come and say a few things.

I’ve had a friend of mine on my mind for awhile now.  So if you are the praying sort, say a little prayer for him.  He left Japan for a bit to go to Melbourne for Surgery for a Brain Tumor.  He’s been in pretty good spirits about the whole thing, and has actually started a bit of a webcomic.  Aside from on Twitter I don’t know where else he has posted it.  Check it out here.

Ok so this year marks a few Anniversaries, namely September 1st it will be three years since I moved back from Japan.  I can’t believe it’s ready been that long.  On July 4th it was two years since my father died.  Another one that has passed quickly.  And on August 12th it will be one year since I started dating my girlfriend.  And last but certainly not least, June made a year since my back surgery.  I never expected a year to pass so fast.  But I’ve always heard as we get older the years go faster.

Fortunately I’ve been blessed this year and things have been going quite well.  I’ve been working and saving towards what is currently looking to be a bright future.  I guess thats really all I had to say.  Hopefully I’ll get behind the camera again soon.  But I need to come up with some interesting things to talk about first.

What would a post of anniversaries be without some interesting ones…how’s this?

50 years ago Adam West became Batman!  Also 50 years ago Star Trek started playing on NBC.

40 Years ago Rocky Balboa made his debut!

Top Gun turned 30 this year and so did Lindsay Lohan…man I’m getting old.

The RugRats are all 25 this year, and 20 years ago we stared doing the Macarena…imagine that!

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