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HA!  Ok, ok.  I’m back.  Two months in a row.  What was it I came here to talk about again…I just got off the phone with my girlfriend.  I had this whole thing planned out and now its gone….I really need to start taking notes.

OH! So My girlfriend is coming to visit in August, for between one and three months.  We haven’t really decided how long it will be.  I figure tell the peeps at the airport three months to buy as much time as you need, then if something comes up or you decide you need to go home early it’s not a problem.  Anywho because of that we were searching about Visitor B2 visas.  And she enlightened me that last time she visited which was last August she didn’t need the visa, she just got ESTA(Electronic System for Travel Authorization).  So that was new to me but good to know.

So it will have been a year since we actually started dating in August, and its been since New Years that I last saw her.  Time is passing incredibly fast when I look at it that way.  Which reminds me why I started to make tonights blog…

So I was thinking in the shower, which I typically do, about the future.   (Not So Quick Aside) Starting to think I need to find a waterproof tablet and pencil to write notes with while in the shower.  I get some of my best brainstorming done there, but I lose most of it by the time I pull back the curtain.  Alternatively I could hire someone to take notes while I dictate.

Back again…so the future.  I’m working now, doing inspection.  I travel a lot, I’m once again typing this from a hotel(did I mention that last time?).  My girlfriend and I have discussed the future, and possibilities that probably end up with me back in Japan.  Which I am totally fine with as I actually like it there.  However I did come back to America for the job I am currently working now.  Today is Friday the 13th and was a pay day.  I only mention that because, in the last two weeks I made more than I would make in a whole month teaching English in Japan.  I’m not saying I make a lot of money, or that English teachers inherently make a small amount, but there in lies the crux of the situation.  My earning potential here far out weighs any, there in teaching.  If I get enough experience doing inspection here, there is a possibility to do it in Japan, but I’d rather not work this hard all my life.  So that is the cross roads I find my self at.  Money and constant traveling, or Japan and little money.  I see people do it, but I wonder how does one raise a family on a teachers wage in Japan.  Although some are actual teachers or are doing better than just the neophyte at the Eikaiwa I must say.  Just something for me to think about.  See you guys in about a month.

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