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Japan prep part 1

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I realized that windows calculator has lots of nifty functions.  One of which can calculate the difference between dates.  As in today’s date and when I depart for Japan.   So I thought I’d just include that here.

Now the real reason for this post is because I felt like I had been neglecting you guys.  I apologize for that.  I went to Lafayette for a week to do a little shopping.  Try on some suits and see if I liked anything to shop for luggage and some other things.  Alas the only things I came back with were the luggage and a new shirt.  I’ll have to do better next time.  But here is a shot of the new luggage two Heys 29″ hardside spinners.

So I have two of those.  Shouldn’t be hard to recognize on the luggage claim belt.  BUT one of them I am sticker bombing.  Which means I’m covering the whole thing in stickers that I’ve collected over the years.  Well I ran out of stickers pretty quick.  So I ordered some more and they’ll be in soon be here is what one side of it looks like right now.  I had doubles of some stickers so I put them on the other side.

Basically when I’m done you shouldn’t be able to tell that it was Hounds Tooth anymore.  But it should look pretty awesome.  I wish I still had a few of my other stickers and hadn’t wasted them on my car or other places, oh well.  I love stickers and I’ve picked them up in odd places over the years.  I’ll post up a photo when its done too so ya’ll can have a better idea of what it supposed to look like.

Hopefully I can also do a better prepping for Japan post too.  Who knows maybe I’ll even do a post from Nashville.

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A quick intro

A quick new channel intro with the new camera.

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