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Final Countdown…

Its getting close.  I stole an idea from a fellow blogger NigelisinJapan check him out.  Normally I put the song at the end for you to listen to.  But here is something for while you read.  Or maybe it will make it difficult to read I don’t know.

So I’ve got about 36 hours until I leave.  At 10:50AM Central time Tuesday  I’ll be on a plane to Tokyo.  Then I’ll be in Nagoya by 6PM Wednesday.  So I’ll be doing a bit of time traveling.   Over a 14 hour flight I’ll gain 14 hours through the time zones and end up a day ahead.

During my two hour layover in Tokyo I’ll be taking care of my immigration paper work and my customs paperwork.  So I won’t have any time to look around unfortunately.  I’ll have to come back to tokyo another time to visit.  Then I’ll hop another plane for about an hour and a half to Nagoya.  Where I’ll wait for my company to pick me up.

Apparently I’ll be waiting with two other teachers.  So thats pretty cool.  I’ll get a chance to meet and get to know a couple of others.

Anyway I need to get off to bed.  I’m still up writing these things when I should be off doing something else.   I’ve still managed to procrastinate to the max.  Moving to Japan hasn’t changed that much of me…  Maybe living there will.  I guess we’ll see.

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