Interview scheduled

I got the email today to lock in the date to schedule the interview.  They want to do it on the 21st at 11:00AM which is perfect.  So I’ll be able to either take that day off of work OR it gives me an hour to get home from work and get dressed.

Either way I think I’ll have it covered.  I’ve pretty much got my room cleaned out now.  I didn’t realize that I never really unpacked most of my stuff.  My room here was so small that alot of the stuff that I brought here just stayed in the containers that it was brought in.  So now I suppose after my cousins wedding I’ll send some of it along the way home.

I’m pretty excited now for this interview.  I know I’ll do well.  I’m hearing that there are alot of applications though.  Its time to find a way to shine through the rest. Hopefully soon I’ll be closing this chapter and opening the next.

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One thought on “Interview scheduled

  1. Linda Schmeltekopf

    I hope and pray all goes well for you Adam!
    Aunt Linda

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