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New Headset

So I got a new headset on the bike.  Took of the DiaTech Ball Bearing headset and put on a Ritchey Logic® Headset full sealed titanium bearings.  Not only is it lighter but it looks alot better too.  And its smooth as butter.
























I’ve just about Skidded my way through the back tire all ready.  Mostly due to the hills/mountain here. Nara City itself is located on the side of a mountain. So I ride up the mountain when I go into town but down it when I come home.

I say that though because I hadn’t really noticed that it was bothering me until I rode home on the wet roads last night and realized I have almost 0 traction on the rear tire last night.  NO GUSTA!

BUT I have another upgrade coming very soon.  And I’ll either have a wheel/wheels up for sale or I’ll be building another bike and selling that.  We’ll see what happens.


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New Show?!

Check this out!


Me and Anthony(MCJangles) are starting a live show in YouTube.  We are gonna try to broadcast on Sunday nights.  Possibly 10PM JST so thats 7AM CST in America.

Tonight was the first show.  It was planned very far in advance it started at 9:05PM JST and was planned about 15 minutes before that.  They go for about and hour or so but only about 30-45 minutes is the content at hand and the rest is chat time.  If you are there for the live show you get the full experience.  The content is then trimmed and posted up to the channel.

Last nights show was CameraTalk: JVLOG.  Whats in our arsenals and what do we recommend for JVLOGGING.

If you have about 35 minutes there is some good info in there for camera stuff.  But we’ll be working out the bugs and getting this down to a real show hopefully later.  I’ve got some more ideas for guests.  I want to bring in more not so publicized JVLOGGERS lots of guys and gals who aren’t well known and help them grow their channels.  Get them out there.

If you have ideas or tips then please feel free to drop them in the comments here or on the video.  If there is someone you want to see let us know.

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So I finally got a new one posted up.  Thanks to SuperScheu for the help.

So there it I’ve got another couple of blog posts I need to do.  I just stay busy sorry guys.

Check out Matts Blog here.

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