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It’s been awhile…

WOW! Three years! I guess that’s more than awhile eh?  I kinda let this slide to the wayside.  I did make a few videos both before leaving Japan and after arriving back in Louisiana.  To anyone still reading this, so sorry.

If you didn’t see the videos since I returned check them out.  I made a 30 minute video while driving explaining why I moved back check it out here.

And for those of you who are in the know, you’ll know that my girlfriend is living in Japan and I made a video of my Winter trip to go meet her family this New Years.  If you haven’t seen that then you might appreciate some actual Japan footage.

OK, after you’ve seen those I’ll set the soundtrack for this little, long over due, entry.

Well as it stands now I’ve been back state side since September 2013.  So almost three years now…wow.  Seems like such a short time when I think about it, but when I say it out loud to myself it’s actually been a long time.  For about a week now I’ve been thinking to get the blog back up and going.  I’m gonna start a new category and keep these kind separate from what’s to come, also the past, and I’m sure future, “Big in Japan” posts.

I spent a year working in IT, which wasn’t why I came back.  I wasn’t really enjoying myself, just going through the paces, but I got laid off and wasn’t even mad about it.  It gave me the push out of being comfortable to go out and get the job I initially came back for.  Which I’m doing now and have been doing for over a year and a half now.  It’ll be two years in October.  I’m working outside everyday, I’m traveling the country, and most importantly I’m enjoying myself.  The fact that I have to travel for work is just a bit of a bonus.  So work life is good, but it keeps me busy, and once again away from family.

I’ve got another song for you now if you have finished the first…

Being away from family wasn’t that big of a deal for me.  At least not until just recently.  As I recently entered a relationship with someone I’d known for a few years now.  I say recently, but it will be a year in August.  It’s been incredibly satisfying as far as relationships go.  Which is strange to say, as we are at any given time about 11,000km(~7,000Miles) apart.  But we have managed to talk or see each other every day.  And what’s starting to make it more difficult is my traveling. Which normally in this situation would be a non-issue.  As we are already over 10,000km apart.  However it’s making it hard to plan a time to get together as in my work I don’t have set off/vacation time. I sometimes work 7-days a week.  So as I try to plan a time for my girlfriend to come over here to visit for awhile it’s become increasingly difficult due to my hectic work schedule.  But I actually have faith it will work out.  As we are both happy in this moment and excited.

Well…when I sat down to type this I didn’t mean for this blog to go this way.  It was just supposed to be an informative, catch up on life blog.  And here I am talking in-depth.  No reason to erase it now since it would all come out anyway.

So here is what I’m thinking to do with my resurrected(of sorts) blog.  I’m thinking to continue to chronicle adventures and thoughts I have along the way.  It seems I’m either going back to Japan indefinitely within the next five years, or I’ll be bringing a piece of Japan that close to my heart here.  But I’m thinking the latter will just be for a short time.

So regardless I’ll be talking about the journey, international relationships, visiting back and forth, mindless rants(like this one it seems) and so on.  I’m also gonna talk about the weight-loss that I’m going through at the moment.  For those that don’t know I lost almost 100kg while living in Japan!  And in the last two and a half years, through sheer laziness, and some bad eating habits(thanks Mom for the good food) I’ve managed to back on about 15kg.  So I’ve been in the gym trying to build muscle this time and trying to shape up.  I’m not trying trying to focus on numbers this time, but overall health and fitness.  I’m gonna go hard on the bike too, I’ve picked up a set of rollers and I’ve rebuilt the aggressive trackbike as a track only beast.  I really wanna start practicing.  I’ve got my mind on getting in shape.

IF any of this interests you then I’m glad you stuck around.  Or on the other hand I’m glad you are here if this is the first time thanks for stopping by.  I promise to get a little more frequent with my updates.  At the moment I’m gonna try for once a month.  So I’ll see you again in May!




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