Trip to Kyoto

I’m not sure why I never posted this.  I think I tried to and got side tracked or maybe I just never got around to it.  Not sure.

So what happened was I got all packed up one morning on a day off in the second week of October.  Charged up the battery on my camera.  Charged up my phone.  Started packed for the trip.  Getting the bike ready.

When I rode across Kyoto and got to the first attraction and realized I had left the battery for my camera at home. (-___-)
At that point I had pretty much lost the motivation for the day.  But I did take a few photos with my phone and tried to save as much battery life as possible because I also wanted to do a video while I was there.   So after riding all the way across town again I stopped at the river and made a video.  And then went on to see one more attraction.  After that I learned that Kyoto is BIG.  And I’d never do that again.

Not to just run around the city in one day.  I’d do better with the train or bus.  Its just not worth the time.  The city is simply too big and way too mountainous.  I do want to go back to Kyoto however once it warms up a bit and see the sights that I didn’t see.

So without further ad-due here is the video

And a few pictures


And that is but a small selection.  If you follow me on instagram you got the full taste of it.  Sorry I wish there was more, but I didn’t have my camera battery. (T-T)

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2 thoughts on “Trip to Kyoto

  1. Nimisha

    I really don’t know where to contact you. My comment is not really relevant to your post but i didn’t know how else to ask you.
    I read all your posts from December 2011 to when you got the job in Japan. It was pretty exciting to read and inspiring too.
    I have some questions to ask you. I’d be so grateful if you can reply.
    I’m an Indian who’d like to get a job either in Japan or Taiwan. But seeing how you had a tough time to get a job regardless of being a native-speaker – it worries me. Have you come across any Indian or non-native English speakers on the job?
    Also, how important is it to have a TEFL/TESOL certificate. Is it really considered as a requirement? Will a 60-hour’s free TEFL course certificate suffice?
    I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking all this.

    • to be honest I think the TEFL/TESOL is going to be a must. And you are going to need experience.

      Without a degree and experience in an native English speaking country its going to be difficult.

      I do however know an English teacher from Italy. I also know an English teacher from the Filipeans. So its not impossible I just think its more difficult. But I think your best bet is still experience and the certifications.

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