Snowing in Nara!

So Saturday when I was on my way home from Osaka I got to my station at about 12:20 AM.  After I was walking for a bit I noticed it was really lonely out.  There wasn’t anyone doing anything.  But it was also really cold…Now normally I only work about 2 Saturdays a month.  And when I do work I com home alot earlier than this.  So even for me it was a bit odd to be out so late.

So I took out the iPhone and started recording a bit.  You can’t really make out the snow in the video so well but I suppose you can a little

And then I took out my camera and snapped some photos around my apartment.

It snowed pretty heavily like that for about 3 hours I suppose.  Or at least that I know of.  I might have snowed through most of the night.  On my instagram I have a picture of a car that has a bunch of snow on it about 45 minutes after the snow started.

It must have been about 2*C it was pretty cold.  And its even colder tonight and for the rest of the week.  All week the low is -1*C.

And they tell me it gets colder in January.  OH MY!

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