Leader 722 Heritage Edition

So I got a new bike.  And its time to do my bike check. So here are the pictures and then I’ll do a part rundown.

Frame: Leader 722 Heritage Edition (Green) 58cm
Cranks: Sugino RD2 (White) 170mm – Sugino 44t Chainring
Pedals/FRS: Animal Hamilton PC (Purple) – Burro Bags straps “Reggie” (Purple)
BB: Diatech
Chain: Izumi
Wheel Rear: GranCompe Fix/Fix (Black) 120mm – Mac spoke (polish) – H+Son SL42 MBS (White) – Victoria Randonneur 700x28c
Wheel Front: GranCompe (Black) 110mm – Mac spoke (polish) – H+Son SL42 MBS (White) – Victoria Randonneur 700x28c
Seat/post: Resist Icon Pivotal (Black) – Sadio (black) seat post
Headset: Diatech 1 1/8″ Integrated Ball-bearing (Black) – Purple spacers
Stem: Leader Plisken
Bars/Grips: Nitt0 259AA Risers (Polish) – ODI Longnecks (Purple)
Fork: Leader S803 V.2 Chrome
Brakes/Levers: Diacompe Brakes – Diacompe levers (Polish) Tubing (black)  In Japan the law is 2 brakes all times or 50,000¥ fine.
Lights: Knog Blinders (Gunmetal/Black)  These are awesome because they are waterproof and rechargeable.  SO BRIGHT!!!

To be honest the only things I really can say I’m disliking is probably the fork because its a little heavy so I’ll probably go carbon eventually.  But it gets the job done.

The headset gets the job done also but I will change it to a sealed bearing headset soon.  Its just that at the shop when we built it the only sealed bearing headset he had on hand was a ChrisKing and I wasn’t dropping the money on that.  Its just too ridiculously expensive and not worth it.

I’m also going to change the wheels eventually.  I want to go with a box type wheel in either polish or black.  Something like that H+Son TB14 and the new Resist Nomad 28c in gumwall.  Oh so sexy.

Here is a few shots from out and about while exploring.

At Heijo Palace Restoration Site.

The Todai-ji Great Bell

Chillin with the deer at Todai-ji

So far the longest ride I’ve done is about 15km one way.  From Nara City to Tenri.  I’m trying to get back into a condition where I can ride more.  I’ve got a pretty low gear right now 44/17 but I’m thinking I’m going to change the chainring to 46 so I can get a little more top end.  I have a few hills but for now I need to condition myself more to just not be a wuss and ride up em.  if I go up to the 46 they will be a little tougher but then at least I won’t top out as fast on the streets and going down the hills.

Here is a video I shot for my bike check.  Check it out.  Its just a quick video that a friend helped me with.  So its not perfect by any means.

Also check out my setup on PedalRoom.  Up to date info goes there.


The boys at Guell Bicycle Store in Nara.  Without them this wouldn’t be possible.
Leader Bikes
The Heavy Pedal  I need more stickers! and I need to pick up one of those new shirts.
Burro Bags.  I love my straps and I need to pick up a messenger bag when I get a chance

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2 thoughts on “Leader 722 Heritage Edition

  1. Virginia

    I just checked out your cajun accent video on youtube. You’re adorable! Love the genuine “you” vibe. You seem like the real deal. Your posts are terrific too. Thanks for the refreshing attitude, which seem hard pressed to come by these days. I have a niece in Japan–she fell in love with it 10 years ago and never left. I haven’t caught up with all of your posts yet, but you seem to be digging it so far as well. Hope it all works out well for you. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks.

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