Its been awhile…

OK.  So I don’t know whats going on.  I apologize at the lack of content.  I say that I’m going to make posts and it doesn’t happen.  But right now I have no excuse.  So here it is a bit of an update.  In approximately 10 days I will have been here for 3 months.

I got my bike and it drastically widened my perspective of my area.  I’ve found 2 new supermarkets.  One is about a kilometer or so down the road and its called Trial.  Its fantastic because its open 24 hours a day.  So that means even when I come home late from work I can hop on the bike and go shopping.

So after I’d been in town for a couple of weeks I went out to Kofuku-ji with a friend on a day off and snapped some photos…for the sake of saving my time and yours I’m only going to post a few…

The day my bike came in was when Typhoon Guchol came through, maybe you heard about it.  I got a good picture of it coming over the mountains from Osaka because work was cancelled that day.



Then I got my bike and on a day off rode up to Todai-ji and up the mountain.


You can't really appreciate how big this is unless you see it in person

Amazing building that affords a fantastic view over Todai-jiAria view of the Nara City from Nigatsudo

OK so as far as real travels go thats really about it.  I go into Osaka City almost once a week.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve been there everyday.  I’ll try my best to do most updates for the blog as I can.  I also want to update the YouTube channel more but i’ve got some ideas as what I can do with it because I don’t know if I like the direction its going.  We’ll see.

Anyway I am alive and well.  I turned on my Air Conditioner for the first time yesterday.  I was hoping to make it to August but it just didn’t happen.  Its been so hot I figured that if i had the windows open then I would get some kind of cross breeze but it just doesn’t happen.  I need some kind of box fan in the window I suppose if I really want that to happen.

So I’ll do my best to come here with little updates from time to time.  My Japanese skills are not really improving at the rate I hoped.  I still haven’t mastered Hiragana OR Katakana.

Mostly its my own fault because I’m more interested in riding the bike out to meet people and spend time talking to people and picking up little bits here and there instead of studying in my room where I get nothing accomplished.

Here is a link to my photostream on flikr

Also I have instagram now and you can find me there at “thecajungaijin”
I post pictures to instagram almost everyday.  Lots of quirky little Japan stuff.  Including the Matsuri I went to Saturday night.

I have a short video and some pictures I took from that I’ll try to get to YouTube soon.

I’ll be in Osaka on August 1st.  There is a HUGE Hanabi festival in Tondabayashi.  I will be there.  And its touted to be the biggest fireworks display in Japan.  So I’ll try to get some pictures or video footage.

Take it easy everyone.  Thanks for reading and putting up with the lack of updates.  I’ll do my best update at least once a week if not every 2 weeks in the future.

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