I found out my placement Saturday.  I’ve been a little crazy since then.  At the time I was on my way to pick up a rental car.  Then I took a nap and drove from my home town of Eunice, LA to Nashville, TN.  Approximately 15 hours of driving overall.  But this morning I spent all of five minutes in the consulate to turn in my paperwork and they said I could pick it up on Wednesday after 2 PM.

BUT ya’ll didn’t come to hear about that.  Ya’ll want to know about placement.  Turns out I’ll be living in Nara-shi, Nara.

So yea short and sweet.  Now I’m headed to dinner with a friend in Nashville.  Have a great night everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Placement!

  1. nigelisinjapan

    Congratulations on your placement! I visited Nara a couple of years ago, and I definitely enjoyed my brief time there. Lots of history there, and a lot of intersting architecture.

    • I think I’ll enjoy the sites. It looks like a pretty cool place. I imagine my grandfather will like the pictures of the deer. But that would wear off quick. I’m hoping that where I live is going to be rather flat so I can bike alot. I really look forward to riding in Japan.

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