Japan Prep II

OK so I got my International Drivers Permit yesterday.  But I left it at my mothers house so I don’t have it here to show you a scary picture proving that I can drive around the world now. I know…its most unfortunate.  I did want to add a few photos because I just realized that I never put up photos of the finished product for my luggage project.  So I’ll do that in a bit.  Also I got a call my CoE paperwork should be here by Monday (hopefully sooner) and by Monday at the latest I’ll have a placement *excited*.  I’ll have a whole post about that later though.

Heres the pictures of the luggage.  Theres alot more detail than you can really understand in pictures.

Its unfortunate that I put my favorite stickers here. I put them on first and then they were mostly covered.

Got to have a hiding kuma

All spinners. So they should be easy to get through the airport. The biggest are 29" and the little carryon is 21"

So now I’ve got less than three weeks left until I leave.

Of course when you look at it as 19 days it seems like alot longer.  HAHA.  I have a lot that I’m thankful for.  So many things have just worked in the past year.  Since I left school and went to work this time last year and set everything in motion to move to Japan I’ve been working towards this moment.  God has been helping.  I’m truly blessed, and in the past 6 months he has truly shown how he can work.  The things that have just worked out can only have worked for a reason.  Selling my car, getting the job, having a place to stay in L.A., my grandparents letting me stay with them, and now I’m supposed to be selling my P.C. tomorrow which will help take care of most of my plane ticket.  Fingers crossed for that.

Its been a wild ride but everything in its place.  And I only look forward to more good things to come.  I haven’t left a song in awhile so I’ll leave you with this one.

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