Gone Berry Pickin!

Greetings everyone.  Sorry for the lull in posts.  Its been a little crazy the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been sick and busy.   But I’m on top of things.  THREE WEEKS!  That’s how long before I leave.  Can you believe it?  Well today’s Saturday still, and I don’t leave until a Tuesday.  But its really coming fast.  And still so much to do.  I still have to go to Nashville, TN between now and then.  Its taking so long for my CoE to come back.  Its getting stressful, but I’m not letting it get to me.

So to the topic at hand.  The weather here has been fantastic.  We’ve had a couple of rainy days but that has helped what I’m going to show you.  About 2 miles from here is a very large patch of dew berries just off the road.  I rode my bike out there with my Grandmother last week and we picked about 2 gallons worth.  We ate them and used some to make a cobbler for my Grandfather’s birthday.

I thought that it was so fantastic, and there were so many berries that I should take a few pictures and make a video as well.  So we went back yesterday and picked two more gallons.  So here is a video for you guys.  I’ll be back soon with another video and another post that more well organized.

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