Count Down

34 days as of April 4th

Greetings everyone.  Its been a bit since I’ve posted.  I’ve been having a cold of sorts for about a week now and its going away now. I don’t usually get sick so when I do its a real pain.  The worst part is I’ve been hoarse since last Friday because of a sinus drip.

So to the point.  Its April so I’ve got a month till I head out.   Now before I wasn’t really in a hurry to leave, I had a lot to do before I left.   The past two months however have been passing in a rush.  Now though I’m ready to go.   I want to leave as soon as possible.  I’m not prepared to leave as far as paperwork is concerned, but mentally I’m prepared.

Most of the paperwork  requires waiting for other paperwork.  So a lot of the preparation is a waiting game.  My CoE should be back soon, then I’ll be off to Nashville to get my visa worked out at the Consulate.

Also I’ve got to mail off the paperwork to Japan for my Yakkan Shoumei.  Which is the paperwork that allows me to bring more than a months worth of medicine with me.  I’ll make a blog post about it in a couple of days.  In the mean time I have a video on my youtube channel ya’ll can watch if you like.

I’ll be back with another update soon.

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