Family Game Time

So the family got together today for lunch and after lunch we broke out and old table top game. “Skittles” Well I’ve called it that for 25 years after a little research today I find out that might not be what its called.

(Taken from

This game is thought to have been originally a Western European game – it’s still played in France and Benelux where it’s known as Table à Toupie and Toptafel, respectively. Nowadays, however, it seems to be more popular in North America where it’s usually called just ‘Skittles’. The idea is to spin a top into the game where it buzzes around the game surface and into the rooms. Points are scored AND deducted by knocking over skittles – whoever collects the most points wins!

And a shot here from their website of a top and a skittle.

I also have a picture here from that is thought to be a table made in 1820 and to have belonged to French royalty.

Here’s a few shots I took of our table and the rule card thats on the front of the table.

And then a shot of the card on the front of the rules.

And then I managed to take some video of a few rounds being played.  Then made a short video.  So here it is.

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