Cog Blog #3

I didn’t think I’d be making any more of these until I was in Japan, but I had to ride.  I need to loose weight and stay active.  Plus I was just getting used to being on a bike all the time.  So I heard that Wal-Mart had a $100 fixie.  So I went to check it out.  Not too bad.  Its a little small for me but it will do.  The cranks are shorter than I’d like and the bars were meh.  The pedals were junk and the tires need to be replaced.  So your thinking to yourself whats good about it?

WELL it does barspin a 700x35c  HAHA.  Seriously though I’m probably not going to be doing any 15 mile rides on this one so now that I’ve changed the bars to the ones I had on the last bike, and put my other pedals and straps on it. And swapped my pivotal setup onto it, its not too bad.  Longer cranks would complete the package but I guess you can’t have everything in a $100 bike from walmart.  Sadly the parts total worth is more than the bikes.

Anyway here’s a few snaps of my sister tooling around on it.  She rode it around the neighbor hood then decided to start practicing fakies…

These shots actually came out better than I thought with the camera on the phone.  I was just snapping them quickly.  So they aren’t the best.  This is before I changed the handle bars.  I should do something about the tires to make it a little easier to ride, but considering the tires are another $40/pair at least for the ones I want and its suppose to be a budget bike I can’t justify it.  Kids around here love the tires.  And its gets a lot of looks.  Not as many as the other bike.  But still quite a few.

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