Choclate Wonderfall?

This isn’t really a cooking post but its food related.   I went to eat with the family at Golden Corral.  For those of you not familiar with the franchise its a buffet that offers pretty much everything.

Lately I had heard that there was a “Chocolate Wonderfall” basically a waterfall of chocolate.

I’ve seen them at weddings or other special events.  Its a pretty cool contraption.  Its awesome if there are lots of little items to dip under it.  BUT there was a limitation yesterday.  For some reason it was Valentines themed.  And that simply means that there were some pink macaroons with lots of coconut (eww).  Although not too bad if you can get past the coconut, but there was a lot of coconut in them.  There were pink heart shaped sugar cookies.  Strawberries were available (the best option at the time). Rice Krispy Marshmallow treats, and also some kind of smores contraption that my Mom liked.

Now last time I tried this at a wedding I got a little extreme with it.  I dipped pineapple (very tasty), marshmallows, strawberries, oranges, watermelon slices (very interesting), and a few other things I forget in fountain.  But on this occasion there won’t all these options and there were two ladies standing behind it preparing deserts watching it like a hawk.

BUT, while I was sitting I was joking with my brother that the selection of item to dip was lack luster and that I bet my pork steak would be better dipped under the  Wonderfall.  My Dad laughed at me.  So I cut a peice off aquired a skewer from a strawberry and dipped it and two more strawberries.  Here is a pick for the non-believers.  It wasn’t half bad.

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