Cog Blog #2

So I’ve been needing to do this for awhile.  But I was waiting on my most kind photographer to upload some pictures after he was done with his editing.

About 2 weeks ago I finished building the bike.  I put about 80 miles on it roughly 128 Kilometers in a week.  Then when it was time to return home after hanging out with my brother and his roommate (Anthony) and our friend Tommy for a week, I was discussing how I was sad that the bike was so awesome but I was gonna have to sell it eventually because I wasn’t going to be able to bring it with me to Japan.  However I’d be able to use the money to buy a new camera for Japan and that would be awesome.  So Anthony had posted a picture of the bike and had mentioned that I might be selling it.  And that night someone said they wanted it and was willing to pay exactly what I was asking for it.

So yea.  SOLD.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to buy that camera yet though because I have to fly to Los Angeles now on the 30th for an interview for Japan.  And thats more important so the bike is paying my plane ticket and food expenses.  I can’t complain too much about that though I suppose.
If I come across any more cool bike info I’ll be sure to post it up otherwise my next cog blog is probably going to be in regards to my next build when I get to Japan.  I promise it will be way more awesome than this one if you’re into that stuff.

Anyway here is a quick bike check as its pictured.

Schwinn Racer Frame.  59cm (black)
Origin 8 Riser bars.  with ODI Longneck grips (Purple)
Cheap springer seat for comfort on long rides.  (brown)
Stock cranks KMC Chain (green)
Animal Hamiton Pedals (Clear Purple)
Burro “Reggie” Straps (Purple)
Velocity B43 Lime Green 700c Rims laced to Origin 8 hubs (black) DT spokes (black) black nipples
Freedom Elite ThickSlicks 700 x 25c
running an Origin 8 17t cog and 46t chainring.

Not pictured was a Black premium pivotal seatpost and Resist Icon pivotal seat in black that I never got to put on because I sold it before it came in.  I’ll just put them on the next bike.

Anyway here is the pics that Bobby took.  He’s a fantastic photographer and getting better all the time.

here’s a link to his flicker

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