New year…

Just got back into Eunice.  I’ve been in Lafayette for the last week.  I went to spend some time with my friends and brother there.  I brought my bike along and rebuilt it with all the new parts.  Then ended up selling it less than a week after I finally had everything on it.  But I’ll post more on that later.

So I mentioned in my previous post that I had gotten a call from one of the jobs I had applied to.  Well while I was in Lafayette I got the email back saying that they want me to come for the personal interview on February 1st.  So I’m going to fly out to Los Angeles on Jan 30th probably.  I’m going to buy my tickets tomorrow.  But I’ve still got a few things to get together before I head out there.  I need to get a couple of letters of recommendation and a copy of my passport.

So I’ve scheduled the interview on the 1st to allow me time to get the letters of recommendation together before then.  I’ve always wanted to travel to Los Angeles and now I’ll finally get the chance.  Tickets aren’t too pricey.  They are more than I’d like them to be.  But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to chill with some friends out there who I’ve met through the JZXProject, which will hopefully save me some money on a hotel.

Anyway just wanted to update on that.  I’ll probably do another video blog here pretty soon.

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