CogBlog #1

Here begins my biking chronicles.  I’m going to have this section and another one for cars as well.  People were asking about wether I would talk about the cars I saw in Japan.  And of course I would.  But since cycling seems to be becoming such a large facet of life I thought I should add it as well.

This weekend I’m going to Lafayette to rework my bike.  This week I managed to bend my rear wheel so now it waves at everyone when I ride.  However I have a new wheelset waiting to go on.  So I suppose that its not that big of a deal.  The new wheelset is triple walled so the chances of me bending them is pretty slim.

See originally the bike started like this.

 Then I added a few parts.

Then I added some green track pedals.

At this point I thought I was done.  I was planning to sell the bike because I’m moving to Japan so I wasn’t going to do any more work to it.  But because its a Racer it has a coaster brake.  I’m planning that the bike I build in Japan will be fixed gear.  So after riding for a few months and really enjoying it.  My friends and even my brother has decided that they also are picking up riding as well.  For fun and fitness.  Well they both picked up bikes that can flip flop fixed/free.  After riding their bikes and seeing that fixed gear isn’t hard to ride at all.  Infact its quite easy.  I thought It was finally time to buy a fixed wheelset.  And start practicing.  That way when I build a bike in Japan I won’t just kill myself trying to ride for the first time there.

So I’m going to be riding even more trying to get good at it while I’m here for the next couple of months and sell my bike to help fund the trip.  I’ll try to post up some pictures of the changes this weekend.  Its gonna be pretty drastic.  A little change in color scheme but not much over all.  And a change in bars yet again.  And maybe some pictures of riding around lafayette.

Also I’m going see Premium Rush next weekend.  The Fast and Furious of bike movies.  HAHA.

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