2 Up, 2 Down, 3rd Times a Charm?

I didn’t get it.  No point in dragging out the suspense.  I’m not a fan of suspense movies anyway.

I went in this morning.  Sat through 5 hours of information session.  Then lunch break went back in at 4:10PM  there were 5 of us in the mock teaching session and I went second.  I thought I was walking in with a sure thing.  In fact I was still nervous, but based off of what the people were doing around I figured what I did was going to be perfect.  In fact it should have been based on the fact that I don’t actually have any teaching experience.

I walk in and my lesson is like 90:10  90% student talk time 10% teacher talk time.  The students were enjoying themselves and speaking english.  I was praising the students.  Although perhaps it could have been more structured.  It wasn’t the perfect lesson by any means, but who has the perfect 5 min lesson at a job interview full of people with no teaching experience.

To be honest the more I learned about the company it truly wasn’t for me, but it would have been worth it in the end because it was my ticket to Japan.  Really, you are forbidden from having or driving a car?  Its against company policy?  Whatever its a small thing.

This is two companies applied two, and 1 interviewed for.  2 companies “unfortunately we can’t offer you a position at this time” now I feel like this entire weekend was a huge waste of time.  Its sad to say because the hiring timing was perfect and locations were perfect too.

Now I suppose I’ll start looking further into other TESL jobs in Japan.  And when it comes down to it if I have to I’ll take that trip there in the end and apply in person if I have to.

See I just sold my car yesterday.  So now I’m riding my bike to work for the next month and a half.  And I’m planning to work only until the end of December.  I was originally planning to be in Japan by February/March.  Time to kick it into high gear.

After I’ve had time to collect my thoughts and I get back in Lake Charles.  I’ll post up again with a new game plan.

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