Interview Jitters

Here I sit, I should be preparing for my interview.  Or sleeping, or any number of things really.  But I’m not.  Once again I’m here typing out whats going on instead of doing those other things.

See oddly enough this is my first time experiencing this.  I’ve never been nervous/anxious for an interview before.  You could almost say I’m an interview professional.  I’m not trying to say that I some awesome interview dude and make myself sound special.  But in 2005 I graduated with a degree in Psychology.  So that kind of helps with interviews.  I know how to work people in that environment.  When it comes to a personal interview I’ve only one time lost.  I still can’t really explain that one.  “Sorry but we feel that you are over-qualified for this position” Still don’t know how to explain that.

However going into this interview even a week ahead of time I’m actually nervous for the first time.  Maybe its because I really want this job.  More than I’ve wanted any other job.  Most interviews I’ve walked into with a cool head because well, I didn’t really care at the time if I got it or not.  Or maybe that wasn’t it, maybe I just knew going in that I was getting it.  But this time is different.  I’m actually worried.  I’ve got a lot riding on this.  I need this.  With this interview my first real step towards Japan.  The dream that I’ve been dreaming for a very long time is getting closer to reality.   This interview might very well determine the difference between that dream, and reality….

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One thought on “Interview Jitters

  1. hysteriasiberiana

    best ways to calm yourself before a big interview is a healthy dose of narcissism infused with a bit of charismatic sociopath. also sex… or shooting a gun… or building big bonfires on the beach… am I helping yet?

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